Recently, a Conference in German has voted to start ordaining women without waiting for the vote of the General Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  Just like the Dutch Union, this Conference appears to be in rebellion to the World Church.

Palm Springs SDA Church Welcomes Gay Men's Choir at Christmas Sabbath Service. 

The Dutch Union has voted to ordain Women Pastors.  The Dutch Union appears to be in rebellion to the world church.

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Elder Bill Knott calls for the "marginalization" of those who he believes to be contrary to the Church, both those who are within and those who are without.  Who decides who is contrary or supportive?  Surley it must be the scriptures.  

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August 1, 2017 - Reprint of 2010 article suggest the Vatican no longer be identified as the Beast Power of Revelation 13

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Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Church participates with other area churches in the Catholic observance of Lent. 

Pastor Doug Bathcelor not welcome in Florida Conference according to Conference President.  Who's next?

Pope Francis celebrates evolution and says that God is not a magician with a magic wand.  God is not a miracle worker.  Really?